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About Annabels Foundation

Main Aim

The main aim of Annabels Foundation is to reduce the suffering caused by chronic pain.

Who are the trustees of Annabels Foundation?

The initial trustees were Annabel, Peter and Adrian Kanabus.

Who are the medical advisers to Annabels Foundation?

The medical advisers are doctors or other health professionals, who individually or collectively advise the trustees on the merit of grant applications. Medical advisers are initially appointed for a five year term.

How much money does Annabels Foundation have?

It is unclear how much money the Foundation will have in a few years time, but currently it has about half a million pounds.

Where has this money come from?

The current money has mainly been inherited from Annabel’s father Sir Robert Sainsbury who had a large stake in the Sainsbury supermarket business. Further money is going to come from the sale of the farm where the Kanabus family used to live and which they still currently own.

Why is the foundation named after Annabel Kanabus?

The foundation is named after Annabel Kanabus. Annabel suffered from extreme pain for many years after a successful operation to cure her cancer of the tongue. Although the pain is now well controlled, the family would like the unexpected receipt of such a large amount of money from the farm, to help prevent other people going through such a difficult time.

Pain nerve cells in the brain
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