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Grant Applications

Grants will almost entirely be provided for research or education into pain management, or the prevention of pain. Grants can also be provided for related areas, such as highlighting the danger of new types of opioids.

The trustees will also be providing grants to a number of other charities with which they have had a long term association.

To apply for a grant please send a brief description (up to 4 A4 pages) of what you want to do, with costings, by email to Applications from institutions in the UK can be made at any time.

Two versions of the description should be provided. One version should be the scientific version which will be sent to the charity’s medical advisers. A second version should be a lay version which will mainly be used by the charity’s trustees.

Applications from individuals or from organisations outside the UK are unlikely to be approved. The initial grant is also unlikely to be approved if the application is for more than £50,000.

Pain nerve cells

The main categories of funding for pain research or education will be as follows.

  • Pain centres

  • Improving the use of medication

  • Education

  • Improved types of pain control

  • Measuring pain

The trustees will initially consider unsolicited applications in these or related areas.

Other topics will be considered if the applicant can make the case for why they are important. The trustees of Annabels Foundation, will in due course provide more information here, as to why, from a lay perspective, they consider these subjects to be important.

Chronic pain throughout the body
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