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Pain Research Grants

Grants will be provided for research or education into pain management, or the prevention of pain.

To apply for a grant please send a brief description (up to 4 A4 pages) of what you want to do, with costings, by email to Applications from institutions in the UK can be made at any time.

Two versions of the description should be provided. One version should be the scientific version which will be sent to the charity’s medical advisers. A second version should be a lay version which will mainly be used by the charity’s trustees.

Applications from individuals are unlikely to be approved. The initial grant is also unlikely to be approved if the application is for more than £50,000.

Pain nerve cells

The main areas for pain research or education grants will be as follows.

  • Measuring Pain

  • Improving the use of medication

  • Education

  • Improved types of pain control

  • Pain centres

Other topics will be considered if the applicant can make the case for why they are important. The trustees of Annabels Foundation, will in due course provide more information here, as to why, from a lay perspective, they consider these subjects to be important.

Measuring Pain

Many people who have suffered from chronic pain have memories of being asked to rate their pain on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is insignificant pain, and 10 is the most severe pain they have ever experienced.

As a patient this is very difficult to do and the temptation is always to say 8 or 9. As a clinician if there was some way it was possible to measure the patients level of pain this would be extremely helpful to both clinician and patient.

Work on the understanding of biomarkers would seem a very useful development in this respect. This is a research area that Annabels Foundation would be very keen to support. However, because of the sums involved, it might be necessary for any major work in this area to wait until Annabels Foundation gets significantly extra money (several million pounds) from the sale of the Kanabus Family farm.

Chronic pain throughout the body

Grants for other areas

Grants will also be provided for some other areas where the founding trustees, Annabel, Adrian and Peter Kanabus have previously had some involvement. This mainly involves HIV/AIDS and TB.

The work of Annabel & Peter Kanabus, in setting up the HIV/AIDS charity AVERT, is described in the history of AVERT.

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